As Lawrence Krauss says:

“The world doesn't care about our common sense... Everything we think is sensible about the universe — at some level — is not true.”

While I have several interests that I want to explore on this website, its unifying theme, if you like, is an attempt not to take too much for granted. Our standard idea of the way things are (while staying within the bounds of what reality demonstrates to us to be true), should never remain unchallenged.

So while breaking the accepted manner of doing things is normally frowned upon or ridiculed (and usually correctly so, I hasten to add, for we don't arrive at our understanding of the world without good reason these days), we should also be concious of the fact that just every once in a while, there might be some benefit to putting the cart before the horse.

I hope therefore, that you forgive me, should you find one or two things on this website, which appear to you — at first glance — to be the wrong way around.


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